Faculty of Medicine Universitas Mataram, was established in June 18, 2003. Initially it was a study program which then further become a faculty on the 25th of August 2007. It is the only state Faculty of Medicine in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. In the early years of its establishment, the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Udayana took an important role to foster the medical education in our faculty. Ongoing collaboration with Universitas Udayana still continues, and further collaboration with other national and international institution has been established as part of the faculty’s strategy to increase capacity building in various areas of medicine. Most of the pre-clinical education for students takes place in the main campus, whereas clinical phase are conducted in West Nusa Tenggara Province General Hospital. Currently there are 423 students enrolled in this program. To date, there are 101 graduates that are distributed in various parts of West Nusa Tenggara. We expect our graduates to be leaders in medicine who will take part to improve health, with a focus on the East region of Indonesia, through patient care, research and education.

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