Accreditation Surveillance of the Medical Education Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Mataram University

In accordance with the regulations of the Independent Accreditation Agency for Higher Education in the Health Sector (LAM-PTKes) that all study programs that have been accredited by LAM-PTKes are required to be re-evaluated within 2-3 years of being accredited. The form of evaluation is accreditation surveillance which is carried out by 1 assessor who is determined by LAM-PTKes. This surveillance aims to ensure that all assessor recommendations during previous accreditation have been followed up by the study program.

               The Medical Education Study Program (PSPD)Faculty of Medicine University of Mataram (FMMU) carried out this activity on September 6, 2021. The assessor was dr. Liliana Sugiharto, MSi. This activity was attended by the dean of FMMU, all vice deans, all heads of study programs and study program secretaries as well as the entire accreditation team of FMMU.

               In this activity, the dean of FMUM, Dr. dr. Hamsu Kadriyan, SpTHT-KL(K) welcomed the assessors even though this activity was conducted online. He conveyed some of the developments and progress of FMUM from 2017 until now and said that PSPD FMMU would apply for re-accreditation in 2022. Thus, the surveillance activity is could also have benefit on synchronization with the preparation for the next accreditation.

               Furthermore, the head of the medical education study program, dr. Ida Lestari Harahap, MSi explained the follow-up of the assessor’s recommendations in 2017 by presenting in detail each item. The explanation is based on 7 standards of LAM-PTKes accreditation forms accompanied by displaying evidence of documents or activities that have been carried out.  After the presentation of the head of the study program, the assessor (dr. Lilian Sugiharto, MSi) conveyed his views regarding the results of surveillance in the Medical Education study program of FMMU. She delivered several suggestions on the increasing of FMMU quality in the future. Finally, she appreciated the follow-up that had been done in this study program regarding the previous accreditation notes. Furthermore, he congratulated the entire academic community of FMMU for the achievements that have been made to date.

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