Activity Report – FM Unram Successfully Held Online Guest Lecture from the University of Western Australia

14/05/2022 – After two years Covid-19 pandemic, FM Unram continues to organize the guest lecture as sustainable agendas with our international partners. The partnership between two institutions (Faculty of Medicine, the University of Mataram and School of Health and Biomedical Sciences, the University of Western Australia) was initially started in 2018. Our mutual activities are not only conducting the collaboration in researches, but also performing some lectures for students including this event.

A senior researcher from the University of Western Australia, Su Chen Lim, PhD presented her lecture to FM Unram’s medical students on Saturday, May 14th, 2022. This event was also attended by more than 100 students from another disciplines, such as Farmacy, Veterinary Medicine/Animal Sciences, and Agricultures. Su Chen Lim talked about her extensive researches in managing Clostriodioides (Clostridium) difficile infection through “One Health” approach. She also gave a comprehensive explanation about the current studies related to the existence of difficile in human, animals, and environment. The discussion during this lecture was moderated by dr. Dewi Suryani, MInfDis, a senior lecturer from FM Unram and an alumnae from the University of Western Australia its self.

All the participants in this event had to fill the pretest, posttest, and feedback link that was integrated to the singular main tool through our official website ( The participants were allowed to ask some question directly to the speaker in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Some interesting questions from participants are including attempts to give C. difficile vaccination to animals, controversies about the vaccination benefits to human,and evidence of C. difficile existence in sea water. For who you want to watch the youtube streaming, you might assess the link:

The committee also gave some door-prizes to participants with best pretest score, best posttest score, best question, and randomly to who filled the participants’ feedback.

Best Pretest: Gede Rama Hardy Nugraha

Best Posttest: Rifdah Amalia

Best Question: dr. Dian Puspita Sari, M.Med.Ed. and Ida Kade Adi Putra Budi Antara

Participants’ Feedback: Daffa Aulia Faza Adhima

The committee will contact the mentioned names ahead.

Event Details:

This event is held by collaboration of Partnership Unit and Student Scientific Club Avicenna FM Unram.

Responsible Person: Dr. dr. Hamsu Kadriyan, SpTHT-KL, M.Kes.


dr. Dewi Suryani, MInfDis

dr. Arina Windri Rivarti, M.Si.

dr. Meilisva A. Anggraini

Donna Diva Widyantari

Yazid Maula Arzaqi

Ni Made Meta Satya Buda Duarsa

Ni Made Utami Wulandari Ayundha Rizky Lestary

Herodya Lajunee Fesmia

Trisna Ayu Kurnia Putri

Tri Sastra Pradhini This report is written by dr. Meilisva A. Anggraini

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