Faculty of Medicine University of Mataram has been successfully delivered 2 International Conference

During the July and August 2021, there were 2 International conference that has been done by the faculty of medicine, University of Mataram. The first was 2nd Global Health and Innovation conference. This conference was done through the collaboration between the faculty of medicine university of Mataram with the Indonesian Otolaryngology head and neck organization and the Indonesia Oncology head and neck study group. The second conference was 2nd Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons.

Due to covid-19 pandemic, both conferences were performed by online platform. Despite online, the participants were enthusiastic to joining the conference and they were coming from several countries across the world, including Malaysia, Singapura, The Philippine, Thailand, Australia, Japan, India, UK, USA, and of course from Indonesia.

Several interesting topics was presented by invited speaker, guest speaker, accepted paper speaker and poster presentation on these conferences. On the 2nd global health and innovation conference were focused on the global health problem, including covid-19. On the other hand, 2nd Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons were focus on the management of neurological diseases and its challenges on the pandemic era.

This moment was used by several lecturer from Faculty of Medicine University of Mataram to present their research to be present and publish. It was noted that at least 30 lecturer was presented their paper. In advanced, some of the best paper will be published in web of science international proceeding.

The dean of medical faculty University of Mataram, Dr. dr. Hamsu Kadriyan, Sp.THT-KL(K), M.Kes was very glad on the success story of delivering the prestigious international conference. Moreover, he will support the other national and international conference in the future strengthening vision of medical faculty to be internationally recognized through the research with the local content related to island based medical or health services.

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