Official collaboration between Faculty of Medicine University of of Mataram and Faculty of Medicine Ryukyus University has been signed

Collaboration between Faculty of Medicine University of Mataram and Ryukyus University has been done through several activities such as research and publication as well as joint conference from 4 years ago. To established the collaboration officially, the signing of memorandum of understanding was done virtually due to the world pandemic covid-19 status. The signation were done by the representative of Ryukyus University and Mataram University. Ryukyus University is represented directly by the president and the dean of medical faculty. On the other hand, the University of Mataram is represented by the rector and the dean of medical faculty.

The purpose of this partnership is to promote academic and educational collaboration and exchcange between both Universities. The content of collaboration including 3 obligation of higher education such as education, research and public responsibility. The specific goal is to build on existing research strength and research methods expertise on health policy, health promotion and education, operations and action research, and epidemiologic research. In advances, this partnership will also address to promote human resource development for health research which comprise of the following activities: students exchanges, faculty and staff exchanges, academic material, publication, and information, hold and deliver scientific seminars, exchanges lectures, and other academic exchanges.

Several collaborative research and publication have been achieved along with the previous collaboration. The most recent joint publication has been published on pediatric international (Scopus Q2) with a title “Urgent need to strengthen school health in Asia and the Pacific Islands” and International journal on integrated care (Scopus Q1) with a title “Service Delivery Reforms for Asian Ageing Societies: A Cross-Country Study Between Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines”. There are also several international seminar have been hold together such as 1st Global Health and Innovation conferece and 2nd Global Health and Innovation Conference. Lecturer exchanges have also been done between both Universities. Both parties hope that the collaboration will be more active in the future.

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